9 Previous Governors of Jakarta

Jakarta-KwikFind-Jakarta-Governor Hendrik Hermanus Joel Ngantung (1964-1965) He was known widely as the painter Henk Ngantung. Soekarno appointed him as deputy of Governor to make Jakarta a cultural city.
Ali Sadikin (1966-1977) Known as “Bang Ali” he was a former marine general KKO-AL (Korps Komando Angkatan Laut). He succeeded developing Jakarta into a modern, metropolitan city. One of his more controversial policies brought into law during his era was the permitting of prostitution and gambling as nightly entertainment.
Tjokropranolo (1977-1982) Known as Bang Nolly, he was Ali Sadikin’s assistant in his last year as Governor of Jakarta. Bang Nolly often visited factories to study the lives of average workers to determine and implement a minimum wage and benefits package for all workers in Indonesia. Jakarta-KwikFind-Jakarta-Governor2 R. Soeprapto (1982-1987) Suprapto had a military background and was a former Ministry of the Interior Secretary General before being appointed as Jakarta Governor. He was the person behind Jakarta “RTRWK” or the Urban Planning – Urban Land Use Plan for 1985–2005.
Wiyogo Atmodarminto (1987-1992) Bang Wi was also a former military officer. During his era he was known for his frequent unannounced routine inspections. He was known for his open leadership and discipline (BMW – Bersih, Manusiawi, berWibawa) a Jakarta slogan meaning: clean, prestigious and humane.
Surjadi Soedirja (1992-1997) As a former military officer, Surjadi initiated affordable housing (rumah susun) in Jakarta. He also established green belts and water catchment areas. The tri-cycle taxi known as “becak” were removed from the streets of Jakarta during his time in office. Jakarta-KwikFind-Jakarta-Governor3 Sutiyoso (1997-2007) Sutiyoso is a politician and former general, known informally as ‘Bang Yos’. In the early 2000’s, he introduced of the TransJakarta rapid bus transit system in Jakarta.
Fauzi Bowo (2007-2012) Fauzi Bowo, known as “Foke” to many Jakartans defeated his opponent Adang Daradjatun (running with Dani Anwar as candidate for deputy governor) in Jakarta’s first gubernatorial election on the 8th August 2007 by a 57.9% to 42.1% margin.
Joko Widodo (2012-2014) Jokowi started his political career as Mayor of Surakarta (Solo) in 2005. His initiatives to boost tourism, culture and the city’s traditional textile (batik) made him extremely popular across Java enabling him to run and win the governorship of Jakarta in 2013 running on a campaign that promise a “clean” government. Jokowi then went on to win the Indonesian presidential election in 2014 leaving his deputy Basuki Tjahja Purnama (Ahok) to continue governing Jakarta.

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