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GALASEO is Indonesia’s leading Search Engine Marketing Group of companies with a range of one-stop solutions online and offline customized to specific client’s needs and requirements.

Charlie M. Sianipar
GALASEO is a brainchild of, nurtured and managed by Master SEO Indonesia, Charlie M. Sianipar. Who is Charlie, as we fondly call him? Since the dawn of internet marketing, Charlie has been making a living from his passion, i.e. building businesses online and making sales from online customers, counting on search engines, mainly Google. Long before the term is coined, Charlie has been serial entrepreneur himself spanning from around the internet boom and bust. The passion has been blooming eversince and has been sought after by a clientele of corporate, organisations and business owners. Charlie has been taking up various aspects of online marketing as businesses and individuals embark on ambitious massive actions, optimizing a spectrum of online presence, promotions, and sales generations.

Tandil Wijaya
Tandil Wijaya, SEO consultant and strategist, come into contact with Charlie since long time ago. We have been on and off along the path around meetings, seminars and other educational sessions. I walked separate path in corporate management and has not yet came under sonar in online marketing, until I contacted Charlie again for exploring partnership or joint venture. I left my career in the largest music company in the world which has been a pioneer in digital music transformation. I have always been keen enthusiast and observer of latest SEO best practices and put many of them into actions in some projects. I am skilled translator for Indonesia – English and vice versa, coming from long experience in serving corporate, notary and lawyer clients. So, being SEO-trained professional, I will take your online business propositions for domestic and global market to the next level whether your are looking for optimizing website in Bahasa Indonesia and/or having website targeting English speaking territory.

Ryan Kristomuljono
Ryan Kristomuljono is Digital Marketing Expert, Consultant and Trainer. Ryan already has his personal and corporate brand names in Digital Marketing Agency in Indonesia. Ryan’s company in Jakarta is featured in as one of top five in best top 10 search engine optimization companies in Indonesia. Ryan had quite exciting experience in building up organisation from ground and bringing in a good number of subscribers for TDW Club, TDW Resources and TDW University. Ryan has the qualifications to help you with online marketing services. He holds certifications SEO advance and Google Partner, AdWords, Analytics under his belt, in addition to his academic accomplishment in Mathematics and IT. Ryan’s latest project as founder of Infinileads resulted in digital platform where any businesses may benefit from applying this platform to strategize and to get quality leads that will increase their conversion into sales and thereby revenue in the end.

Fabian Lim
Fabian Lim is the earliest visioner of internet marketing in South East Asia and took it back far beyond boundaries his expertise to where this internet marketing buzz originate from, US. He earns a well-deserved title of internet marketing guru and literally high-flying pilot of his flight plan in his very own jet. He weathered through and conquers the digital space and blue air space. Many may also refer Fabian the internet marketing ninja, just trying to find a unique term of how much he understands the depth of the inner workings of SEO in particular and digital marketing in general. Fabian Lim is truly passionate about education, digital entrepreneurship and business. Fabian has been consistently bringing the best of SEO education to thousands of students spread across South East Asia, Japan and US; the only education company certified to fully conduct the SEO training outside of US.

Charlie, Ryan and Tandil have been making the internet marketing journey by succesfully applying the all the simple yet effective SEO practices and tools as Fabian himself has been using. Most of the methods are still in use today. Our services encompass all-in-one, one stop White Hat SEO programs, campaigns and audits. In terms of services, there are many resources on the internet where prospective clients can browse and see for themselves this information knowledge. We abridge your experience of what we have achieved by referring you to our long time partner, ask Google! Our credentials and achievements can be found over there.

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