Facts About Education Around the World


  • As of 2012, 31 million primary-school pupils worldwide dropped out of school. An additional 32 million repeated a grade.
  • While girls are less likely to begin school, boys are more likely to repeat grades or drop out altogether.
  • According to UNESCO, 61 million primary school-age children were not enrolled in school in 2010.
    • 47% were never expected to enter school
    • 26% attended school but left
    • 27% are expected to attend school in the future.
  • Children who are living in a rural environment are two times more likely to be out of school than urban children.
  • In developing – low income countries, every additional year of education can increase a person’s future income by an average of 10%
  • The youth literacy rates in South America and Europe are among the highest with 90-100% literacy. The African continent, however, has areas with less than 50% literacy among children ages 18 and under.

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